Tuesday, 24 February 2009

adidas vid.

i really like this video, even though my friend pointed out how can you be original when everyone is walking around with the same label. but clothing is mass produced to what do you expect.

the video is fun, and even if estelle is in it I like it =) reminds me of my old adidas days (oh the shame).

planning my party is stressing me out. i know how i want it decorated and that's good enough for mee. if you're reading drop me a line about any ideas for themes you may have, although i probably would have thought of it, but help a girl out.

Sunday, 22 February 2009


this is what i wore on saturday

that belt makes me look so badass =P

and what i ended up wearing sunday morning.
the t-shirt isn't mine but it's longer than my shorts! what a weird/ fun weekend. i end up doing the most random things.

my legs are looking weird these days.

i need to catch up on sleep!

Saturday, 21 February 2009

never know enough.

Friday, 20 February 2009

My Beautiful Laundrette

I couldn't help myself looking at these beautiful pics and they need to be posted.

Magazine: Numéro 100 February 2009
Title: My Beautiful Laundrette
Model: Eniko Mihalik
Photographer: Greg Kadel


p.s I liked the BRIT Awards. Yay for Kings of Leon with two awards. Well done to Duffy with three even if I don't really like her music. I wish Adele would have won something! But she did get a grammy. =) Katy Perry freaks me out seriously. I like her music, but her live? no no, she freaked me out when I watched her on MTV, freaked me out at the grammys but was quite normal at the BRITS but that's only because she wasn't singing. She's scary end of. I'm really surprised Coldplay got nothing,I've never been a fan but they always seem to get something somewhere! Kayne made me LOL. I do not like Estelle end of. The ting tings are alright, not surprised they didn't win anything. Interesting performance though. Promise single of the year?! I don't mind the girls, but you're joking me. They looked lovely on stage though. Sorry Brandon but what bird died on your shoulder!

Hopefully I'm going to 02 wireless, the streets =D i'm excited.

Thursday, 19 February 2009

going gaga.

i'm so glad she can actually sing! =) I really like her a lot more.

the "fashion" posting will resume shortly!
I spent today wathing series 2 of The Hills with a friend instead of revising. And tomorrow and saturday I'm busy seeing friends and doing general teen stuffs.

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

igly & hartly.

So there's a spare ticket going to see this band and my friend asks if I want to come along. I like to expose myself to music, so I look them up have a brief listen and say yes. Even if I didn't like them that much, I love the atmoshpere in gigs. Anyway, I wouldn't know what to call them, sort of rap with something. I don't know but I liked what I'd heard of them 4 days was enough to at least memorise one song. So after I see an old friend, I head off to 02(formerly Carling) Academy.

This was the first supporting band. To be honest I wasn't expecting this group to have a supporting band, but I remember liking them. Couldn't actually hear what they were called, but I liked them and they provided good eye candy.

Formerly cheeky cheeky and the nosebleeds, but they shortened it to the cheeks. They were good, I liked their stuff need to search it up. The lead singer had such funny moves, I was entertained. I had the impression that he was trying to be like Brandon Flowers from The Killers, either way, loved it.

These fantastic guys were just well fantastic. Wicked stage presence, just jumping down and allowing us girls to just grasp their sweaty selfs. And then they "finished" their act and left the stage so the crowd proceeded to shout "we want more" over and over again. They came out and invited all the girls on stage and sang two more songs! I loved the one in blue how frikkin cute is my husband and he allowed me to hug him as I went off stage. Frikkin adorable, everyone else like the lead singer but he is soo cute!

Such a good night and proof of it? I could barely hear when we left and my hears were beeping. My next gig is in March at the Roundhouse. I'm seeing my favourite band The Spill Canvas. They're supporting with Emarosa and they're supporting You Me At Six. As You Me At Six are playing there is sure to be loads of screaming 13 year olds. I'm not really fond of their music, I remember seeing a video last year and I liked the music but I've download their album and I'm just not really getting into it. I'm like some of Emarosa though. I can't wait!
p.s i need a new camera.

Monday, 16 February 2009

half term.

not really what i wore as i had it on for like half an hour max on monday,
but dress up was fun =)

i'm not really sure of the tights on my skin tone.
shorts - asos
top - atlantic
tights - primark
hat - no idea, i was drunk and someone put it on my head and then i took it home
what i wore today.

i REALLY wanted to wear this thingy, but it look horribly wrong.
so i wore this blazer instead.

dress - new look
cardigan - my mum got it from somewhere
blazer - atlantic
boots - new look

Friday, 13 February 2009

lady gaga

I don't think she's that pretty at all. Her fashion sense is not all that. Her music is not all that, but I love her. And that has just increased because of this!

Eccentric pop star Lady Gaga is hoping some lucky fella will come along and bang her back out this Valentine’s Day.
“A good fuck and some carbohydrates. Some good spaghetti and some good sex,” the “Just Dance” singer revealed when asked what she wants in celebration of Lover’s Eve this year during a video interview with British model Alex Sim-Wise.
Lady, who insists that all “guys like a good wet mouth,” adds that she would choose “great sex” over “true love.”

she speaks some wise and funny words...
have a good weekend guys!

Thursday, 12 February 2009

smile with your eyes

I'm becoming so addicted to watching ANTM re-runs and the new ones, but I've already seen half of it so technically re-runs but who cares.

this is the stuff i got from new look on, from aaages ago on the actually day.

1. i didn't get this dress because i hated the way it sat on me.
2 & 3. love it =) although
4. made me look like a paper bag!
5. i haven't worn this since i bought it, but i still love it.

i went into h&m today to take advantage of my 20% of one item thing. I tried this stuff on but nothing really appealed to me.
1. i love the zip thing, and I bought it! was £12.99 but was like £10 something with 20% off.
2. didn't like this because i'd freeze to death and i wasn't really hot on it tbh.
3. i think it's cute, preppy but cute.
4. my shitty outfit for today.
5. i liked this, but not SO much.
6. so restricting, but cute.
7. again not warm but i kinda liked it.
8. shitty outfit again.

bed time i think!

Tuesday, 10 February 2009


I think really the AA dress is a must. Remember my post where I tried it on? I went in their on Sunday but couldn't be bothered to buy as I was just popping in with a friend. I'm getting the purple one.

I was thinking about getting the new one with long sleeves, but they haven't got the colour I want yet. Maybe they will buy the time I get around to wearing it, as I don't know when I'm going to buy it, even though there's an aa in Camden.

oh yes and people seemed to think it was me wearing the yellow belt in my other post, i was the girl on the right!
EMA have just given me my bonus of £100. I wasn't even expected it, so when checking my bank account I was like waaah, happy times. I'm not spending it however I'm saving for holidays in the summer :D I'm going Paris with a friend, which will not cost a lot because her parents have a house there so I'm only paying for train tickets and shopping! I also want to away to hot country and drink loads of cocktails and party =) which I still need to organise but yay money!

Monday, 9 February 2009

party girls.

this is the best picture i could get of what i wore on saturday. nothing special as i really wasn't bothered. but i had a really good night!
normal posting soon i hope, I think I'm gonna be a bit slow this week just because I have deadlines!

Friday, 6 February 2009

end of a weird week...

excuse my vacant expression i'd just woke up and i was late!

decided to change into boots because the snow would make my feet wet!

the asos ring, which is orange and doesn't match with anything!

wannabe pearl earring! and ring.

top - thrifted
skirt - asos
flat shoes - dorothy perkins
boots - aldo
ring - asos
other rings - H&M
earring - H&M
This week has been weird overall!
I've been late all week, missed lessons and just felt a bit odd.
I'm just in a bit of a funk. But never mind!

I'm rather angry at thetechguys.com/advent because I need to get the recovery disk for my laptop now that I have money but they won't accept my card because it's a solo card! I went to the store on thursday but they don't sell it there either. What am I supposed to do?! I just really need my laptop to last me until summer, because I'll hopefully be getting a new one for my birthday or just for uni. I can't keep sitting at this computer because my back will get worse =(

I'm going to a party tomorrow! Loads of people from my school will be there and I don't really like the most part of my sixth form, so I'll have to see how much of a night this will be.
I didn't even realise the time, I'm spending tonight in with a good book =)

Thursday, 5 February 2009

thursday blues.

the stuff that i got from asos. forgot to photograph the shorts. but i love how the striped piece can be a top & a skirt.
i tried to pair it with the skirt, but the material stretches funny at the top.
i'm in love with the skirt, i thought i really wouldn't like it but after trying it on i fell in love.

i started my period yesterday, i hate hate hate these things.

I overslept this morning and missed my dermatologist appointment and then found out my only lesson today was cancelled. All of this whilst bleeding = today being a waste of a day. Infact my first thought was that and then it was I am a waste of space. Periods make everything worse, when there really isn't a reason for anything to be bad!

simple outfit that i decided i needed to cheer up so outcame this orange thing, to try and wake up my mood, because i really am/have been in a bad mood these past two days.

i had a trip in the BBC studio yesterday which is right next to westfield, so shopping, but thankfully i didn't buy much! I bought this from yamamay, i think that's what it's called. Either way it was a sale, briefs £2.99 bra £4.99 and it's a push up, fantastic!
I went to superdrugs today and got Barry M eyeliner because it lasts much longer than Collection 2000. Although I've been using that for 2 years now, it's time to say goodbye. I got my hands on Barry M by accident because I couldn't find my Collection 2000 and then I saw the freebie from Sugar magazine and since then it's been a toss-up, but now that my Collection 2000 is nearly finished, I decided to say bye-bye. I also bought some other stuffs, I need to stop spending money! So I took £210 out of my Natwest Account and put it into my HSBC one because for some reason I never ever use that one. I also paid for my theory test yesterday, I'm doing it on the 24th!
I have work that needs doing. I just had my teacher call me up because I didn't go to the lesson because I was told it was cancelled! Guess it wasn't after all... I also missed the morning of school yesterday because i thought it was on. Blah half term soon :)