Thursday, 13 November 2008

confidence; wear it like make-up

So I got a bit of confidence without any makeup and worry about how my body looks ( i also cut my hair a bit ) and this is the result ;

I want to wear this when I go and see a boy, but I have to go to college first. And heels are excessive and not needed for college.

I should really go to college instead of staying home and taking pictures.

I'm going to the Angels costume sale with a friend :)

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Angels Costume Sale !!

Angels is having a sale! 6th December. I need to be there! Imagine how many unique finds there will be. Plus it's a costume store so everything should be stylish and extravagant.

I intend on going for sure! Providing I have money then!
I'm so excited :)

Saturday, 8 November 2008

learning new things.

blue heels are mine, and the lepoard is my friends.

So now that I am 17 years old I have finally mastered walking in heels.

I've had funny legs ever since I was born, I suspect I'm bowl legged and bottom line I just don't walk normally.

Then I broke my leg when I was 11, now for sure I don't walk properly because my left ankle always starts to hurt after an hour of walking.

But after buying my first pair of heels at the beginning of summer and after a friend said that at our leavers party next year she wants to see me in heels, I decided to do just that.

After many months of practising in my house and dancing in heels. I can finally do it. I can walk as normal as can be for me and not fall flat on my face! I wore those blue heels picture aboved. And my heeled boots that I've had for over a year but have not dared to wear them.

So it's not the biggest achievement in history but I'm glad, because now I can be even more obessed with shoes and include heels into it :) I now feel I can wear anything.

Now for sad news. I have no money. I need to get on the phone to EMA on Monday and find out what is going on, waah!