Sunday, 21 December 2008

happy :)

I have the perfect shoes :)

4" I am moving up in the world. I wore them from oxford circus station to picadilly and i thought my feet would actually drop off. Still practise makes perfect. And I just love the shoes, I was with my boyfriend last night and I just kept saying how beautiful they were.

And a few party pics even if this is "fashion blog". You can still see what I wore and what everyone else wore.

vodka and sprite in front of subway. life couldn't better.

what i wore. yes its a very tight black dress. I wore my heels that are blue. I danced in them. I survived the night. oh yes.

something was insanely funny.

cutest picture ever.

something was funny again.

i have bad posture.

Saturday, 20 December 2008


I wantttt!

I saw these gorgeous shoes in look magazine, they look like these blue ones but i'm convinced that they are not these ones, especially as these are £25 and the other one was £35. But how gorgeous are these? My friends want to get me the other ones for Christmas, so I'm going with one of to Debenhams today, I hope they have one of these in stock!

I'm going to a party today, I thinking I'm going to be overdressed compared to the people I'm going with because they don't ever attempt to dress up, but hopefully people at the party will dress up. I'm going to get verrry drunk hopefullly.

Now I just need to ring tamar to wake her up!

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

more shopping!

I found my perfect jacket. Nothing stylish but warm and it was HARD to find it. So many shops don't do jackets with hoods. I was so torn between beautiful jackets but the point is I don't ever carry umbrellas because I hate them so when it rains I need a hood. And this jacket is long and warm and just the most amazing thing to me ever. New Look has saved my life.

you can't really see shit from these pictures, but it's amazing trust me.

I've also come to the conclusion that my skin is hideous. Even with the help of the dermatologist infact I think that's made it worst because now my skin is ugly and it looks like I have burns on my face. I really don't know what to do. I'm seeing the dermatologist next thursday but I just don't know. I need to stop eating shit. I really do. I always say this but now it's to the point where I'm really down about how my skin looks. So I need to make an eating plan ASAP. I don't always stick to plans but knowing there's some structure I can at least have a chance of not hating myself.
I also need to do something about my hair. For now it's too much of a hassle to perm my hair, but I need to start thinking about short hair styles because this time next year I don't think I'll still be having weave. I've also realised that I don't like hooped earrings anymore. They make me look like a twat. That picture above is to show everything I've been talking about in these two paragraphs. Conclusion? I look like fool.

I bought a couple more things on my coat/jacket hunting trip

a wooly scarf from h&m. even if it molts i couldn't help buying it because I've wanted a scarf like this for ages. I will pretty much regret buying this I know.

earrings from h&m, although it says nickel tested so I'm thinking they have nickel in them which is bad because I'm allergic to nickel. I'm wearing the other pair in my ears right now so I'll know soon enough.

sequin headband thingy. I've been loving up sequins badly. I saw this whilst I wasy buying my jacket and had to pick it up.

I got my tragus pierced on monday! Absolutely adore it and it didn't hurt a bit :)

Finally what I wore today. Nothing special. I feel like crap. I didn't go into college today. I'm ultra worried about things and hopefully all of these worries will be gone when I see the GP tomorrow. I only went out today to do errands for my parents.

Mens blue striped jumper - Primark

Black Jeans - Primark


Final final thing this just came in the post for me! I was hoping it would be long enough for me to just wear with leggings, but I think i'll wear it with shorts just to be safe. I love the colours of this shirt. I bought it online but its from Rokit.

Saturday, 6 December 2008


I'm a terrible blogger. Which is a good thing probably because I talk a lot of shit.
I didn't go the angels costume sale this weekend because I didn't have any money but then today I got my Christmas money, which is technically my present from my parents so I did a bit of shopping. Nothing exciting because I was in a terrible mood early, people are awful let downs.

what I wore to school on friday.

i bought this t-shirt from h&m mens.

I also got this grey top.

look at the pregnancy!
my favouritee buy for today, this dress from h&m.

i'll obviously wear it with different tights, but i couldn't be bothered to change the leggings from the previous pictures. also check out those boots because i got them today!

this box arrived this morning. On one of the communities I'm signed up to on lj they have a secret santa going on and I got mine today. Totally love it!

All the goodies inside, I'll take a close up of it another day.

I bought these boots in the Aldo sales with my mumzie.

death stares are absolutely needed.

I really like the blue of the dress!
I plan to go shopping on monday or really some time this week to find the perfect coat/jacket! And maybe a nice pair of heels.

Thursday, 13 November 2008

confidence; wear it like make-up

So I got a bit of confidence without any makeup and worry about how my body looks ( i also cut my hair a bit ) and this is the result ;

I want to wear this when I go and see a boy, but I have to go to college first. And heels are excessive and not needed for college.

I should really go to college instead of staying home and taking pictures.

I'm going to the Angels costume sale with a friend :)